It's been a while...

So, I've been MIA. I have a very good reason though... I have been super busy with orders. Like real paying customers... I'm so excited! I actually shouldn't be writing this right now either, I should be sewing. There are a few super exciting things happening in my life right now, but until I actually do it, I won't mention it. Okay so here are some pictures that need to be posted.

The Witch's feet and Frankenstein.

Miss Monkey--I think she's adorable as a girl!

A piece of cake.

A Hand Turkey

Monogram with Ruffles

My friend Amanda's best friend calls her "Panda" So, her little girl gets a panda shirt from Amanda!

I made this shirt to match the shoes that someone bought as a gift.


And I Present to You...

Dah Dah Daaaah.... (I don't really know how to write that sound, but you get my drift.)

My New Logo!!!

I am so excited about this. This awesome, amazing girl I have known and loved almost my entire life made it for me, Miss Jessica Charlton. She's a recent graduate from the University of Alabama in Advertising/Graphic Design. My favorite part about the whole logo is that I did not have to tell her anything to do. I did not tell her colors or how I wanted the font or the spelling or what I wanted it to say... NOTHING. She simply went off of what she had seen from my blog/facebook page/etsy site, whichever one she looked at. The first sample she sent me was PERFECT! She got everything right from all the lowercase lettering, the speck after "speck." I was seriously impessed. It was like she pulled it right out of my own brain. So, obviously I LOVE IT. It has taken me a while to figure out how to use it. The whole PDF file threw me off. Hope everyone likes it as much as I do. And here is a babyspeck one she made me also, for when I branch off and start doing more things besides children's clothing. I can use this one for the children's line. LOVE IT, TOO!!