speck has crossed the line...

the state line, that is!  speck by becky jones is now available in Pensacola, Florida!!  It is a ridiculously cute children's shoppe, specializing in mostly girl's clothing.  It kind of makes me want to step my game up if I want to do well in there.  They have a new website... http://www.tyandkc.com/  Here are a few shirts that are in there right now.  All except for the "baby bro" and the "gumball machine"


speck by beck made a christmas card!

Recent Sewings

The first shorts that I made to go with the frog.  I think the cuteness factor was just raised by 65%.  (Rachel knows why I chose 65)

An adult yo yo flower I made for Christy.  Yeah, I tried it on, Christy.  Don't be mad at me.  I had to make sure it passed inspection. It did.  I'll probably make myself one soon. :)

A super quick apron I made for Kasey with leftover fabric and no pattern. 

A skirt that I made for myself.  I must say that I am absolutely in love with it.  I even wore it to a party the next night, because I was so pumped.  And I really can't wait for the summer time.  I will be wearing it all the time and I'll be making lots of others to wear.  I LOVE SKIRTS!


Dragons, Flying Objects, and a little hippie love

A little T-Rex shirt I made for a little boy.  It's so much cuter in person.  As are most of the shirts, but this one especially.

Two Funky Junky Peace Signs
I'm thinking I like the fabric peace signs better than the fleece.  There is still fleece under the fabric to give it the soft, poofy-ness.

Pinkalicious Cupcake for AC's Pinkalicious birthday party.  I'll have to post pictures of it.  Everything is going to be pink to the point of being obnoxious.  I'm making her a pink tutu to go with it and she's going to wear pink leggings with her sparkly shoes and a huge pink something in her hair. :) ADORABLE. My BFF FOREVER is a genius.

I mean tell me if I'm wrong, but I'm liking this whole striped shirt business for the boys. 

Next is a little glimpse into the future.  I've been wanting to start sewing and designing children's clothes for a while now.  I finally went and bought some fabric, and I'm going to start looking for ideas, cutting patterns, and what not.... TODAY.  wooot wooot.

These are the fabrics I bought to do little boys stuff with.  The place I went didn't have the best fabric for boys so I want to make a trip to this fabric store in Birmingham soon.  They have ridiculously cute fabric, but I figured this was good to start out with... Make sure sewing is something I actually want to do before I drop the big bucks.

I am absolutely in love with the fabric to the right.  I love all of it, of course, but I'm going to start with the green flowers.

I'm even MORE IN LOVE with these two fabrics.  The zigzag....mmmmmmmm...might possibly be the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I'd wear it myself as a skirt.  Oh, maybe I should have gotten more of it.  I know my BFF FOREVER loves it too.

But this fabric, I did buy for myself!!!  I'm making a high-waisted 1950s inspired skirt.  I absolutely cannot wait.  How freakin-deakin super duper cute is this going to be??  And to make sure I get the 1950s feel I'm going for, I have enlisted the help of my grandmother. 

I'll post pictures of my finished projects as soon as I get them completed.  It probably won't be for at least another week or two though.  Lots of other things to keep me busy coming up.  I just wish one of them was a job. :)