Nashville fun

I love Nashville. I love the Frothy Monkey. And now I love the TRex meal identifier. And I love that you can see Alice and her giraffe meal identifier in my sunglasses. A pretty cool picture for a pretty cool weekend.


My Favorite Blogs

A friend left a comment with a link to a great blog.  I've decided to let you guys in on all the blogs I follow on a regular basis. 

Le Quaintrelle
It's this super cute girl, who posts what she wears almost everyday. And she does this awesome thing called "From Runway to Hallway"  where she takes a runway collection and duplicates the outfits with clothes she already has in her closet.  It's a great way to find new ways to wear the clothes you already own.  I should try this...  I pretty much check this blog everyday. (she's on my igoogle page)

Made By Girl
I'm not really sure what to say about this one.  This is one of the ones I look at around once a week, I just know that I like it. 

Peacock Feathers
I am absolutely in love with this blog.  I read it only once a weekish, but I go back and look at every stinkin' post.  I love this girl's style.  It's probably my fav.

What I Wore
This was the first blog I started reading and while I only check it about once a month, I still like it.  She's having a give-a-way right now.  I might actually try my luck at that one. 

How About Orange
This was the link that my friend gave me and I really like it.  I'm kind of jealous of the lady, because I found out she became a fabric/ribbon designer simply from having her blog.  How cool is that???  I want to design fabric!

Sea of Shoes
I just found this one last night, but I think I'm going to really like it.  I went back pretty far looking at old blogs.  My advice if you check out this blog, go past the first page and start looking.  She normally posts about what she wears, which is some pretty amazing stuff, but the first page is about a recent trip to Tokyo and doesn't really show what the blog is all about.  She does have an absolutely amazing collection of shoes.  Kind of Jealous.

Those are all blogs of people I have no clue who they are and I will never meet, but stalk every day.  These next few blogs are people I know personally and check there blogs out on a regular basis. 

Needle in the Haystack
I've known Jessica forever and she is one of the best people I know.  I absolutely adore her and her sense of humor.  Plus, she's an awesome graphic designer.  I'm sure you've heard me mention her before! (also on my igoogle page)

Mommy's Heart
This is my best friend's sister-in-law.  She used to be a stay-at-home-mom and blog on a regular basis, but now she has a "big girl" job and her posts are sporadic. I keep her on my igoogle page though, because when she does blog, it's good stuff.


Famous People Crushing

I am without a doubt in love with Ben Harper.  He's been my fav for at least 10 years now, if not more.  I'm actually going to see him Sunday.  I'm super excited. I haven't seen him in about 3 years, so I know he's excited, too.  It's going to be great.  Just me and him.  And The Relentless 7. And my brother and his girlfriend.  And thousands of other people.  But all of this is just the same old story for most of you. 

I could usually give two craps about famous people.  I've never hung a teen heartthrobs poster on my wall.  (Okay, maybe JTT, but that was just poor judgment)  And normally, I don't develop crushes on people I've never met (besides Ben Harper and John Stamos and I guess if we're going to go back 20 years, JTT) However, I was watching Oprah today (something I RARELY do) and this rapper/singer guy comes on stage and pays off two peoples mortgages in full.  They were weeks away from losing their house in foreclosure.  And he was super shy and said the reason why he wanted to make so much money was to help people out.  So, I am OFFICIALLY in love with will.i.am.  Yep, that will.i.am.  I'm not really sure what he does outside of helping people. Obviously, I know he sings and makes music, but I can't name any off the top of my  head.  Nonetheless, he's a pretty awesome guy in my book now.  He also started a foundation called "i.am home"    Go check out his video and website and if you have a few bones left over, go donate. 

*Warning*  Watching the video might result in a slight crush with will.i.am. 

i.am home video


Sorry for the poor quality iPhone pic, but I HAD to share my new love with everyone.  I made this skirt last night and let me just say this without being braggy... I am so proud of myself.  It had things that I had never even attempted in my life and I did it by myself, without any advice or help from anyone.  (And anyone being my mother who I usually get to show me how to do the annoying detailed things I hate doing) It had interfacing and binding and the curvey thing at the top and the tie belt with interfacing.  Well, all my hard work paid off because I absolutely adore it!

Also, I have a new banner on my etsy site thanks to Jessica Charlton!!  I think I might have mentioned it in a previous post, but it's definitely two post worthy!


Put a little P'zazz in your week

I'm going to go ahead and say everyone who reads this blog knows me personally and if that's the case, you all know I whole-heartedly dislike where I am living.  However, there is one thing that I really and truly LOVE about living here.  ADULT ART CLASSES!  I painted every day in highschool and haven't really done much of it since then, but every Thursday or Friday night P'zazz Art Studio has art classes for us grown-ups.  I'm loving the first week of May's painting. 

Friday May 7th

Of course you can paint it for yourself using colors that match your house, but I'm thinking this would make the perfect little "happy" for someone.  My little brain goes off thinking Christmas colors for Christmas decor, a perfect gift for an expecting mother and little baby, or the colors to match my BFF's kitchen.  I love creating things, but it is multiplied when I know I'm creating for someone else. 

So, sign up, have a night out for yourself with good friends (you can bring wine & snacks, if you want!!) and in the process make a "happy" for someone else.  As Hannah Montana would say, "You get the best of both worlds."

(That's the second Hannah Montana reference I've used in a week.  I promise to never mention her.  Ever. Again.) 


So much for being sick

I had so much sewing on my "To Do" List today. And what happens?? I get a fever accompanied with a sore throat.  ???? This never happens to me.  I literally have not had a fever in over four years.  I know this because the last time I had one was the week of my sister's wedding.  Luckily, I wasn't that sick, but still, no energy to sew the 6-7 shirts I had wanted to today.  I did, however, get A LOT done.  It was all the little things that add up and take up time and sneak up on you when you least expect it.  I like to call them "The Little Ninjas of a Small Business."  No, I don't.  I just made that up...

I made logo stickers.  I am kind of OCD about the way my shirts are wrapped.  The tissue has to be folded in the middle, then the top and bottom are folded up, then the sides where no raw edges show.  It must be sealed with a logo sticker.  I don't like a plain piece of tape.  I even go crazy sometimes and use two different colored tissue paper, so it is half and half.  If you get the half and half, I'm either in a really good mood, I really like you, or I want to impress you.

I made "speck tags."  Well, the tags were already made up, but I punched holes in all of them, looped them with yarn, and then safety-pinned all of them.  That way when I'm finished with a shirt I can quickly grap one and go.  I hate having to do it each time I make a shirt.  Which I've been doing lately since I have had zero time to attack these little ninjas.

I made address labels with my logo!!!!!!!!!!  I am most excited about these, because I've been wanting them for a long time.  I hate mailing stuff to people with my handwriting as the return address.  Weird, I know, but now I feel more like a "real business."  I couldn't have done this without the help of my WONDERFUL graphic designer, Jessica Charlton.  Who is currently working on my business cards!!  They are going to have pictures of some of my designs and some with little ones wearing "specks" and then the backside will have my info.  I did that today, too.  Sent her cropped photos of the designs.  I'm pretty excited about those, too. Because then I will have real business cards that SHOW others what it is "speck by becky jones" is.  SUPER PUMPED.

I made "speck tags."  Actually, I made these last night, but I had a fever last night, too.  So, it still counts.  You can tell I didn't feel well, because they are all on the same fabric (green for girls, red for boys) and same color thread.  When I'm feeling well and all spunky, I usually make them to match the upcoming orders I have.  Because I REALLY like it when the tag coordinates with the shirt.  It actually took me three hours to make just the few tags you're looking at!!  It usually takes me 7 minutes to make one tag, but since I wasn't feeling well, it took me about 15 minutes a tag.  Oh well, all tags are done for one week..... (note the sarcasm)

I made this helicopter tonight!  I wouldn't have, but my mother told me last night that she needed a shirt by Thursday.  I decided to be a good daughter and get the shirt done.

I made this Purple Skull for Ty & Kc in Pensacola, Florida last night and had it mailed off today.  I really didn't think I was going to make it to the Post Office today, but not only did I go there, but to Office Depot and Publix, too.  And.... I made this delicious sun-dried tomato dip from my Veganomicon cookbook.  I'm going to post the recipe probably tomorrow, because it is that good.  Get excited.

While uploading the previous photos from my mom's camera, I found this picture of Little Man sporting his Turkey shirt.  I don't think I've ever seen it before, but he sure is cute.  He's grown so much since just November!!


So Ready for Summer

I just made two anchor shirts and I have to say.... I AM SO READY FOR WARM WEATHER!! And I'm not talking about able to wear shorts and a short-sleeve shirt while running warm weather (which I am so thankful for today, by the way) but I mean bikini, out in the sun all day, spf is required, by a large body of water warm weather.