Flowers, Puppies, and Ice Cream

This shirt was done for one of my most favorite little girls ever! Miss Kloe Hope. I will have to post a picture of her when I get one because everything just looks so much cuter when she's wearing it!

Here's a close up of my tags... I sew each one of these by hands, too. I use different fabric and thread color each time, too. Sometimes I make it match the shirt exactly, other times I like it to be completely random and unmatchy. I guess it just depends on my mood. But for Kloe's shirt, I think it needed to go along with the rest of the shirt.

I made this shirt for a precious and adorable Leah. It is the first dog I had done, so it took me FOREVER. The first one of anything always takes me forever. If something is a centimeter off, I cut until it is just how I want it. Well, I went to send her an e-mail that it was finished and realized she wanted it on a light pink or purple shirt.... UGH!!! What?? I didn't even double check before I started sewing? Nope, it was in my head she wanted a white shirt, so white it was. I transferred the puppy dog to a pink shirt and I think it turned out so much cuter.

Yeah, Yeah. What do you think? Oh, and I was able to add the whisker spots I had left off the first time, so it all worked out I guess. (I'm also working on Leah a Halloween Costume, I'll have to post about that later. Like when I actually start working on it)

And I took a picture of the dog without the bow because I think he would be adorable for a little boy. (And it gives me more boy designs) :^)


On a whim I made an Icecream Cone shirt. The fabric is sewn on top of fleece and it's sewn so when it is washed the fabric will fray a little and show the fleece underneath. I was going to wash and dry it before I took pictures, but I went to the washer and there was stuff in it, so, yeah, that didn't happen. But still, cute, right?? I'm loving the fabric underneath the fleece, too. I'm going to have to come up with more ideas with that.

I have been meaning for like a month now to make a little girls shirt of a bird house, but I still haven't done it. This week, I'm doing it. Remind me if I don't. Because it will be so stinkin' cute if I actually do it. I will. I promise.

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