Something a little Fishy

A fish design has been on my mind for a while. It wasn't until someone asked for one that I actually made it. The designs in my head were geared more for boys since I don't have that many boy designs and, well, mainly boys like to fish. When Alexi Vrabel asked for a girl fish, I was pumped. Yes, literally pumped. Excited. Thrilled. I could give the fish big lips. Big ol' fat juicy pink lips. (Inspiration from a Kasey Hope painting) I could not do that with the boy design. What 5 month old boy wants to wear a fish on his shirt that has big pink lips. None that I know of.

I started as soon as I got home from the beach. (Which is probably where all the cuteness of this shirt comes from, because the beach makes me so ridiculously happy. It just spilled over into my fleece sewing.) Anyway. It took me a whole disc of Friends episodes to finish it (with one break to eat dairy-free Peanut Butter Zig-Zag ice cream--delish.) I am not kidding when I say the first time I do a design it takes me FOREVER. I cut and re-cut, tweak and re-tweak, sew and re-sew. It's crazy. Because of my hard manual labor, I really am happy with how this fish turned out. Oh, and the best part... I already had a label sewn that matched the outfit perfectly. hallerlulur.

Fishie McBigLips

The Matching Label

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