speck has crossed the line...

the state line, that is!  speck by becky jones is now available in Pensacola, Florida!!  It is a ridiculously cute children's shoppe, specializing in mostly girl's clothing.  It kind of makes me want to step my game up if I want to do well in there.  They have a new website... http://www.tyandkc.com/  Here are a few shirts that are in there right now.  All except for the "baby bro" and the "gumball machine"


  1. Becky, congrats!!! That is soooooo exciting. Let me know if you need anything else as far as design goes.. maybe business cards? Hope that all is going well. Oh, and I LOVE the shirts with the little ties on them!

  2. you're too cute!

    i love those little "tie" onesies and the baby bro one. your stuff just keeps getting cuter and cuter! :)