Put a little P'zazz in your week

I'm going to go ahead and say everyone who reads this blog knows me personally and if that's the case, you all know I whole-heartedly dislike where I am living.  However, there is one thing that I really and truly LOVE about living here.  ADULT ART CLASSES!  I painted every day in highschool and haven't really done much of it since then, but every Thursday or Friday night P'zazz Art Studio has art classes for us grown-ups.  I'm loving the first week of May's painting. 

Friday May 7th

Of course you can paint it for yourself using colors that match your house, but I'm thinking this would make the perfect little "happy" for someone.  My little brain goes off thinking Christmas colors for Christmas decor, a perfect gift for an expecting mother and little baby, or the colors to match my BFF's kitchen.  I love creating things, but it is multiplied when I know I'm creating for someone else. 

So, sign up, have a night out for yourself with good friends (you can bring wine & snacks, if you want!!) and in the process make a "happy" for someone else.  As Hannah Montana would say, "You get the best of both worlds."

(That's the second Hannah Montana reference I've used in a week.  I promise to never mention her.  Ever. Again.) 

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