Recent Sewings

The first shorts that I made to go with the frog.  I think the cuteness factor was just raised by 65%.  (Rachel knows why I chose 65)

An adult yo yo flower I made for Christy.  Yeah, I tried it on, Christy.  Don't be mad at me.  I had to make sure it passed inspection. It did.  I'll probably make myself one soon. :)

A super quick apron I made for Kasey with leftover fabric and no pattern. 

A skirt that I made for myself.  I must say that I am absolutely in love with it.  I even wore it to a party the next night, because I was so pumped.  And I really can't wait for the summer time.  I will be wearing it all the time and I'll be making lots of others to wear.  I LOVE SKIRTS!

1 comment:

  1. i love it becky!! ALL OF IT!! so glad you're expanding your line to making clothes and aprons now! i know how you love cute aprons! :) and that skirt is adorable! maybe now i can order something from you, you know, since i don't have kids and all!